Helpful Resources For Selecting and Maintaining a Pool

Choosing the Perfect Pool For You

Once you’ve decided you would like to build a pool, there are still plenty of considerations to be made before pool construction can begin.

Vinyl or Concrete?

At Seaway, we recommend all our clients consider a vinyl swimming pool. Not only are vinyl swimming pools less expensive and time-consuming to build, but we also believe the end product is superior in quality. Why? Read our list of reasons to consider a vinyl pool.

Big Pool or Small Pool?

Choosing a big pool or a small pool is a matter of personal preference! There’s no right or wrong answer. Take into consideration the size of your yard, the maintenance involved, and how many people will use the pool when you’re deciding whether you want to opt for a big pool or a small pool. Seaway offers a wide range of designs big and small. View some examples for inspiration!

Standard Design or Custom Design

A standard vinyl pool design will help keep costs down, while a custom pool design ensures that you get the exact features and look you desire. Consider what is more important to you: saving money or getting a pool that matches your vision to a tee. Either way, you’ll get a gorgeous pool that will provide you with years of fun!

Inground or Aboveground

Seaway specializes in inground pools, and we highly recommend them to our clients. Inground pools last much longer than aboveground pools and are much more visually appealing as a larger part of your backyard landscaping.

Need help deciding what type of pool is perfect for you? A Seaway representative will be happy to go over options for pool construction. Call Harold at 416-752-7665 or fill out our contact form.