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Why A Vinyl Pool Offers the Best Value For Your Money

Most pools these days are made of either concrete or vinyl. At Seaway Pools, we suggest that our clients stick with vinyl pool designs for a multitude of reasons. Here’s why you should consider a vinyl pool if you’re looking into swimming pool construction!

The Benefits of A Vinyl Swimming Pool

Vinyl swimming pools are less expensive to build.

A vinyl pool costs approximately half as much as a concrete pool of the same size.

Swimming pool construction takes less time.

You don’t have to wait nearly as long to enjoy a vinyl swimming pool! Without the added step of laying a concrete foundation, swimming pool construction takes significantly less time.

Vinyl pools are extremely durable.

When swimming pool construction is done properly, a vinyl pool can last for decades. Occasional swimming pool repair, such as pool liner replacement extends the life of your vinyl pool even further.

Vinyl pools come in variety of shapes, sizes and patterns.

View our pool designs to see examples of the pools we offer. No matter what size, shape or colour pool you want, Seaway can design a custom pool perfect for you.

Vinyl pools are not prone to cracking like concrete pools.

If vinyl pool liners spring a leak, they are easily repaired or replaced at a low cost to you. On the other hand, replacing a cracked concrete pool requires major construction that is costly and time-consuming.

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